First contact with ATmega8 microcontroller - correction

Tags: ATmega8, AVR, Hardware, Microcontroller

At part 2 of this series of posts, I’ve posted the wrong pinout for 6-pin ISP connector.

Thanks goes to Stig Hornang, who e-mailed me a few days ago. He said he spent two hours until he figured out it was wrong. Sorry about your time, Stig, but thank you very much for pointing it out!

I copied the wrong pinout from a PDF (local mirror) that I found at some personal homepage (Wayback Machine). I should have copied it from official documents from Atmel, like the AVR ISP In-System Programmer (Wayback Machine) Schematics or the User Guide (PDF version), or even the AVRISP mkII In-System Programmer User Guide. What’s more, even this page has the correct pinout.

Here is the fixed version:

Diagram for AVR ISP 6-pin and 10-pin connectors, highlighting my mistakes and the correct pinout.
(PNG version, SVG version)

I’ve already updated the previous posts with the correct pinout.

Sorry for this mistake, and thank you all for making this series of posts so successful.

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