X.org crashes. Yes, it does.

Tags: Gentoo, Linux, X.org

Some hours ago, I was using k3b, xterm and firefox. The X.org is configured to use nv driver, since nvidia crashes too often. Then, for the first time since I started using nv driver (and I’ve been using it for some months), the X froze.

The behavior was equal to nvidia driver crashing: the display is frozen, but mouse still moves.

A feel like using Windows: it is unstable, you don’t know if it will still be working on next minute, and you feel you need to save your work every minute, to avoid losing it.

I am thinking about downgrading X.org to XFree86, but I guess there is no ebuild for it on portage, unfortunately. What should I do? I’m tired to reboot this system and don’t use nvidia driver because of a fucking X bug! 😭