Printing to a HP printer with CUPS

Tags: Gentoo, Linux, driver

This is a quick post just to document how I configured my HP 930C printer to print correctly (or almost correctly).

First, I had only CUPS installed, and I was using some generic CUPS-HP-Deskjet “driver”. This was ok, until I tried to print some CD labels, and I found it was printed misaligned, and some milimeters smaller.

After hours testing, and lots of paper… I found the solution: USE="cups foomaticdb ppds" emerge hpijs ; /etc/init.d/cups restart

After the above command, I reconfigured CUPS using web interface, and I found dozens, maybe hundreds, of HP printers in model/driver list. I could also find my exact printer there. So I selected it, and finally could print my CD labels!

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P.S: Of course I did not pass the USE-flags at command-line. I added them to /etc/portage/package.use.