Gentoo Install - part 4 - The working system

Tags: Gentoo, Linux

Ok, my Gentoo system is now working, and I’m using it. nVidia driver did not work, I am using “generic” nv. I must remember to submit a bug report.

Apache works, PHP works, MySQL is installed but I’m not using it… After some trouble, I could modify mplayer ebuild to make it play realmedia files without installing realplayer (see my forum post).

There are some old bug reports that nobody bothered to fix:

Now my system is stable, with 9 days of uptime, most things (or almost everything) works. I don’t have gnome or KDE installed, although I have kdelibs and some gnome libs.

I’ve done emerge -avuDN world (update entire system) once. It updated glibc, gcc and lots of other packages. System survived this update with no problems. The bad side is needing to update 30 or 40 etc files when running etc-update.

Although everything was compiled specifically for my system, I do not notice any speedup (compared to my good and old Slack).

Some things I’ve not yet tested: scanner, digital camera, USB card-reader, printer. I guess some would give me some trouble.